Threat Detection, Your Bottom Line - Duty of Care, Do Not Negate!


The Underlying Factor


It is About All of US


Commercial security is more vital than ever! Unfettered Access is allowing unknowns into your facility!  WRONG!

The word Threat is a dirty word and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Threats comprise of Words, Actions, and every Situation that pass by us every single minute of the day. When your company or you as an individual interact with the public, the ability to understand the ramifications of ‘knowing,’ is blatantly apparent, or is it? 

We Do!  So Should You…


The Technical Stuff

No, it is not technical, it pure logic! It is all to do with what is at our fingertips, before our eyes and what we see. 

We document so much which is relevant but missed. We see and record events, but forget so easily.  You and your co-workers see and hear so much, which is essential but never recorded or documented, which is so crucial for today and tomorrow. 

It has to be a sensible communications protocol which links all, sharing information, photographs, and incidents, enabling you to be in control of your daily activities.

Currency Tracking, globally changes the money laundering and money mule capabilities like never before,  Proprioritery solution that is a necessary game changer in changing the Cash transactions. 

Object Comparison is a priority of understanding with technology that is decided by humans.  License Plate Recognition is another unique opportunity to historical understand movements and locations and allow for privacy until required for investigation.

You have CCTV, which was expensive and you forget what it is doing for you 24/7/365. You only refer to CCTV after the fact, when something occurs. Wrong, you need to be auditing all logged video, every morning to see what your Video Monitoring System has missed.

It is your Duty of Care collectively that ensures you never negate your responsibilities.


Our Knowledge & Expertise

  We are down to earth businessmen and women, with law enforcement running through our veins, who can understand, listen, and importantly communicate on all levels in this so challenged and controversial world.

Having been in the world of technology since the 1970s, we have the advantage of being there in the beginning, and this enables us to work in the changing society of today with logical forethought.